Many people don’t realize that boating and other water activities are typically governed by separate laws. Activities that take place on the sea are generally subject to admiralty law, and because the legislation is different, you will need a maritime law attorney if you are dealing with legal issues in a maritime context. An attorney who focuses on admiralty law can help you better understand your rights and the unique standards which may govern your case. Alan David Tucker, Esq., P.C. provides legal assistance to clients in Southeast Georgia who are dealing with issues involving any of the following circumstances:
  • Accidents on cruise ships
  • Yacht accidents
  • Deaths and injuries occurring at sea
  • Watercraft collisions
  • Injuries on commercial watercraft
If you have been involved in any of these situations, you should hire a lawyer to help you understand your rights. Your claim may be covered under the Jones Act, which provides certain protections to employees who sustain injuries while working at sea. We may work with you to understand your case and ensure your rights are not violated.

We Also Handle Admiralty Law Issues

Seamen in Georgia are subject to laws and protections outside those set forth by the federal court or state court. These acts, known as maritime law, provide specialized protections to people working or engaging in activities at sea. We offer representation in cases involving the following circumstances:
  • Seamen or sailors suffering a personal injury
  • Watercraft passengers suffering a personal injury
  • Worker claims for non seamen
  • Cargo claims
  • Liens and mortgages under maritime law

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