Real Estate Law — For Sale Signage in Brunswick, GA
Foreclosure became a sad reality for many Americans as the last real estate bubble burst in the early 2000s. It was discovered that many banks were using unethical, if not illegal, lending practices. Many people are still suffering the brunt of those brutal practices. However, there are steps that can be taken to help avoid foreclosure through legal means, and that is by hiring a real estate attorney. How can one help?

1. Familiarity with state laws. A real estate attorney not only has to pass national standards, but must also be certified to practice in certain states in order to even advertise. In addition, those who are skilled at real estate are also obligated to understand the real estate laws pertaining to the specific state in which they practice.

2. Investigation of foreclosure proceedings. Both lender and foreclosure agents are obligated to follow certain steps prior to initiating foreclosure proceedings. It is best to hire a lawyer when any of these practices are suspicious or in question.

3. Facilitation of short sales. In the event that foreclosure is inevitable, another option for the homeowner is a short sale. Unlike typical real estate sales, short sales are as is sales with reduced prices. Having a real estate attorney present helps a short sale run smoother.

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