Personal Injury — Old Man in a Wheel Chair in Brunswick, GA
Many people eventually go to live in nursing homes, especially if they are unable to care for themselves without help. Although those facilities are often well run and nurturing for the residents, there’s also a chance of experiencing nursing home abuse. There are several things that may indicate your loved one is not receiving proper care.

Person Doesn't Want to Speak Around Staff

If your loved one is reluctant to speak to you when staff members are in the room, it may be because they are afraid of possible punishment for their actions. When you suspect nursing home abuse, it’s a good idea to request privacy during conversations. 

Worrisome Physical Changes

Bedsores, unexplained weight loss and bruising are just a few of the many physical symptoms that may be tied to nursing home abuse. Consider keeping a diary that describes when you first noticed the symptoms, and any other strangeness associated with the changes you see in your loved one. 

Emotionally Upset

Nursing home abuse can be very traumatic for the people who experience it. Therefore, victims may become extremely agitated, anxious or tearful as they try to cope with what they’re going through.

These are just some of the signs that may point to nursing home abuse. To learn how to take action against such circumstances, call Alan David Tucker ESQ. P.C. at 912-267-7123.