Workers' Compensation — Man Fallen From Ladder in Brunswick, GA
The rules of regulations of workers' compensation may seem complex and intimidating, but the basic principles are easy to understand and very important to many workers. Basically, workers' comp is a form of insurance that is held by employers for the benefits of their workers. Like any insurance, the terms and details are complex, but can be as effective as any other insurance with proper representation.

The Competition Bargain

Normally, anyone injured at an employer workplace, including customers, suppliers and employees are protected against injury due to negligence through the right to sue. Workers' comp is a substitute for this right for the workers. It is an efficient way for employees to receive compensation due to employer negligence without involving a lengthy court process.

Aspects of Workers' Compensation

Workers' comp is a little different depending on locale. In some jurisdictions, injured workers receive weekly payments instead of wages. In this way, the comp package serves as a form of disability insurance. It can also include monies to make up for the economic loss due to an injury, including both current and future losses. In addition, comp can include reimbursement for medical expenses, operating as would a medical insurance policy. In the event of an employee death, the employee's dependents may receive benefits. In this way, workers' comp functions as a form of life insurance as well.

How the Process Works

In the event of an injury, the worker should immediately stop and fill out the proper forms. Waiting to complete this important step may delay or negate any compensation benefits. Generally, human resources will work with the employee from that point to complete the process. Contact Alan David Tucker, Esq., P.C. if you need the assistance of an expert worker's comp lawyer for your case.