Criminal Defense — Handcuffed Man in a Court Room in Brunswick, GA
Being accused of a crime is a highly stressful event. Here is what to do if you have been accused of a DUI.

Write Down What Happened

When you have been accused of any crime, the devil is in the details. Remembering what happened is critical, so make sure to get everything straight on paper that you or others can remember about the incident.

Close Down Online Profiles

Anything that can be found online can be incriminating when taken out of context. The people involved in your case will be unfamiliar with you and judge you solely based on evidence. If information can be found online that makes you look a certain way, it can be used against you in court by the prosecution with bad results. Make sure that any online profiles are secure from prying eyes.

Secure Representation for Your Case

When in a legal battle, the stakes are high. That is why securing a good lawyer will not only help your case but it will also help alleviate stress you are no doubt feeling about the situation. With the right attorney at your side, you can feel more secure about how things will progress in your case. Overall, trying to stay calm helps you in keeping facts together in your head and weathering the storm of appearances in court.
Keeping relatively calm about your situation is important. Know the facts, practice security and know that assistance is available from an attorney. Call Alan David Tucker ESQ. P.C. at 912-267-7123 for more information on legal representation.