Admiralty Law — Ship in the Ocean in Brunswick, GA
Maritime law is a branch of the law that requires special training and experience. Many issues in this discipline cross international borders. All have specific codes that govern disputes. Here are some times you should hire a lawyer who practices with a maritime focus.

Jones Act

The Jones Act and similar legislature serve as a replacement for sailors and longshoremen. If you're dealing with disputes or claims made under these circumstances, engage an attorney who can apply a focused experience to your issue.

Maritime Liability

Negotiating damage from vessel collisions can often become complicated. This is due to cargo concerns and difficulties in determining liability. Defending against liability claims is a key function of most Maritime law practices.


You need a maritime attorney to review and draft contracts for various agreements. One common example is freight cargo carrying contracts, which involve complex bailment and liability issues. You will also need a fully sound contract before buying or selling a vessel. 


Acceptable terms of release for vessels or cargo seized by ports and national authorities might require expert negotiation. In some cases, these situations require legal action. Both functions are best performed by a maritime lawyer.

There are a number of situations in which a maritime attorney will be of assistance. If you have any doubt about a dispute you're currently involved in, call Alan David Tucker ESQ. P.C. at 912-267-7123 for more information.